LAHORE: An olive baboon baby has been born at the Lahore Zoo and with this, the number of olive baboons has touched 12.

The one-day-old baby is healthy and in good care, said zoo vets on Monday. They said that the naming ceremony of the newborn baby would be held at a ceremony.

Olive baboon is the member of the family of old world monkeys.

The zoo also added two urials to its flock, which were caught from the mountains of Mianwali and Jhelum. They are going through an animal rearing process. In the process, animals when brought to a captive breeding facility at a tender age are raised at the facility and then left in independent cages.

Urial is a subspecies group of the wild sheep, and its noticeable features are the reddish-brown long fur that fades during the winter. Males are characterised by a black ruff stretching from the neck to the chest and large horns.

Published in Dawn, September 10th, 2019