Social activism

September 07, 2019


SOCIAL activism is a rising trend amongst the youth in Pakistan. A number of initiatives, NGOs and other charity works have been introduced by the younger generation with the aim of the betterment of our society.

Many focus on the less economically-abled, transgenders and other disenfranchised members of our community.

Personally, I can see why this sort of work can be viewed as tedious, or even boring or worse. Many view charity as feeding into the complacency of the poor, enabling them not to work.

Despite the tedium, young individuals are progressively more informed and are aiming at closing the social gap that exists in our society. Usually, it’s a direct encounter which sparks the desire to enable those less fortunate. Fortunately, the lack of compassion in our society is evaporating, and our ability to manage such issues is now slowly improving due to the new generation’s enthusiastic association and close emotional bond with the people they are aiding.

For me, the encounter was within my own household. The idea that a human being has to give up their own respectable job, as a teacher, due to the artificial barriers constructed in our society was appalling. Simply because that occupation is not viewed as ‘suitable’ to her caste, and despite her education she would earn more money as a sweeper than as a sanitary worker. It is moments like these that ignite the fire of social activism.

This culture of social work in Pakistan is the first step towards making a lasting difference in society. By participating, working towards greater equality and championing these movements, the Pakistani youth through the rising trend of social activism is changing the way we think as a people: from the ground up.

Senan Khawaja


Published in Dawn, September 7th, 2019