Carcasses on road

03 Sep 2019


WHILE going to a farmhouse via Memon Goth for a family picnic we encountered a really horrific sight on the road coming from Malir: a number of foul smelling, decomposing cattle carcasses along the entire route on both sides of the road.

The area is known for the presence of many cattle farms. This is the same route which leads to a couple of Karachi’s renowned schools. The withered and emaciated condition of these dozen to twenty bodies were such that we felt these might be electrocuted during the torrential rains that had lashed the city in recent weeks. In case these cattle had perished owing to some disease then the situation is even more alarming.

I hope some authority takes notice of the decomposing animals and disposes them of before they become the cause of life-threatening illnesses and infections.

Dr Khwaja Ali Shahid

Published in Dawn, September 3rd, 2019