IS in Afghanistan

August 25, 2019


APROPOS the editorial ‘IS in Afghanistan’ (Aug 20). Referring to the growth of the militant Islamic State group in Afghanistan, the editorial says that IS constitutes a menacing development as three of the four provinces where IS has found a foothold are contiguous with Pakistan .

The editorial serves as a timely warning. Pakistan is the only Muslim country with nuclear capability and thus an attractive target for IS which has international ambitions. We should bear in mind the US withdrawal from Iraq after a declaration from President George Bush: “Mission accomplished.” What an accomplishment, almost all of the Middle-East is on fire and IS a major nuisance in that region!

The planned withdrawal of US forces from Afghanistan seems to coincide with the growth of IS in the region. In the last 10 days or so IS has been responsible for the killing of the brother of the Taliban chief of Afghanistan in a mosque in Quetta and the devastating attack on a marriage ceremony in Kabul.

Everyone knows the powers responsible for midwifing ISIS which morphed into IS. Pakistan has to act fast and hard and totally wipe out this menace before it is too late.

Usman Shah

Published in Dawn, August 25th, 2019