KARACHI: A wave of indignation and resentment swept the country yesterday [Aug 22] over the desecration of the Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem on Thursday. The news spread all over the country. The stunned population called for immediate action by the Muslim world to meet the challenge thrown by the Israelis to the entire Muslim world.

At congregational prayers Imams and Khatibs voiced the feelings of anger and resentment of the people by condemning the profanity of the Israelis. They pleaded for the declaration of Jehad and demanded united, firm and resolute action in exterminating the growing menace of Zionism. Political and religious leaders in their statements urged that Pakistan, being a leading Muslim country, should initiate a move for forging unity among the Arab countries and should galvanise the entire Muslim world’s power and resources for avenging the great wrong committed so brazen-facedly by the power-drunk Israelis.

The protests voiced against the deliberate desecration of the most revered Mosque in Jerusalem were unanimous in as much as members of the minority communities, notably the Christians, joined with their Muslim brethren in condemning the Israelis’ wanton act and calling for a firm united action on the part of all civilised nations. — Correspondent

Published in Dawn, August 23rd, 2019