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Beaconhouse students bag top positions in O and A level examinations across Pakistan

With a total of 18,103 A-stars and As, Beaconhouse students passed exams with the highest number of grades so far.

Updated 27 Aug, 2019 02:09pm

Beaconhouse students have secured top positions in CAIE O & A Level, International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IBDP), IB Middle Years Programme (MYP), and Matriculation assessments.

With a grand total of 18,103 A-stars and As in A and O Level exams, Beaconhouse students have achieved top positions in all of Pakistan. Students who received their IB-DP and MYP eAssessment result have also passed exams with good results.

The Beaconhouse College Programme is one of Pakistan’s leading A Level programme setting standards of excellence in its third decade of operations.

It also has the largest A Level campus network with 27 campuses across Pakistan. This programme features the renowned Access Centre where counselors offer guidance and support to their students, with national and international university applications, based on their interests and also help them secure scholarships.

In its fourth decade, the Beaconhouse O Level programme is now offered by 65 campuses across Pakistan.

A Level results

Beaconhouse students who appeared in A Level examinations, achieved a total of 2,219 A-stars and As, from 27 campuses across all 3 regions.

10 A Level campuses in the North region have secured 645 A-stars and As

Campuses with the best overall A Level results in the North Region are:

High achievers from the North region are Awwab Ahmad, Maheen Hassan, Salman Naseem, Hamna Riaz, and Muaz Khalil; all secured a total of 4 A-stars each, and are students of the Beaconhouse Margalla Islamabad campus.

11 A Level campuses secured 1,006 A-stars & As in the Centre region

Campuses with the best overall A Level results in the Centre region are:

Notable high achievers from the region are Muhammad Aarij Bin Nasir with 4 A-stars and 1 A, Raiya Momin with 2 A-stars and 3 As, and Aimen Imran with 4 A-stars, all students of the Beaconhouse Defence Campus Lahore.

6 A Level campuses from South region secured a total of 568 A-stars and As

Campuses with the best overall A Level results in the South are:

High achievers from the South region are Shafaq Mansoor Nami with 4 A-stars and 2 As from PECHS A Level, Ayesha Arshad with 5 A-stars, Muhammad Hassan with 4 A-stars and 1A, both from Qasimabad A Level.

O Level/IGCSE results

Beaconhouse students appearing in O Level and IGCSE examinations in 2019 secured a number of 15,884 A-stars and As across the regions.

24 O Level campuses together secured 3804 A-stars & As in the North region

Campuses with the best results are:

Notable high achievers from the region are Absaar Hussain Malik with 8 A-stars & 10As, Talha Aziz with 9A-stars & 3As both from Beaconhouse Educational Complex, Boys and Abdullah Ali with 8 A-stars & 6As from Potohar Boys.

In the Centre region, 30 O Levels campuses produced a total of 7,152 A-stars and As

Campuses with the best results in O Level in the Centre region are:

Notable high achievers from the region are Shayan Husham with 10 A-stars & 3 As from Beaconhouse Defence Campus, Fatima Tu Zahra with 9 A-stars & 3 As from Canal Side Campus, Taha Farrukh with 7 A-stars& 5 As, and Muhammad Raahem Nabeel with 11 A-stars both from Beaconhouse Defence Campus Lahore, and Emaan Sohail with 11 A-starsfrom Gujranwala.

South region - featuring 11 O levels campuses - secured 4,928 A-stars and As

The campuses with the best results in O level in the South region are:

Notable high achievers from the region are Sana Kareem Soomro with 11 A-stars & 1A from Jubilee Campus, Haya Lakhani with 10 A-stars & 1A from PECHS O Level, Fawwaz Ahmed, Mohammad Danish, and Muhammad Shehzad each with 7A-stars and 4As from Jubilee Campus.

Beaconhouse IBDP & MYP

Beaconhouse schools offering IB Diploma Programme, including TNS Beaconhouse, produced outstanding results with student scores in the world’s top 3% in 2019. Students from this programme have also secured admissions in some of the top ranked universities in the world.

The IB Middle Years Programme (MYP) cohort also received their eAssessment results with students securing the top 4% high positions in the world.

The Beaconhouse College Programme continues to be one of the leading A Level systems in Pakistan which helps students secure admissions and scholarships in top-ranked international and national universities.

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