Students’ motivation

August 18, 2019


A STUDY ‘Motivation and learning of students’ conducted at Karachi University has found that students are motivated to upgrade their education as they have high hopes of a better future and a means of attaining economic stability.

The academic performance of students studying in private and public universities reflects that students at the bachelor level, and in under-graduation programmes, are more motivated than graduate and post-graduate students. The reason is their age and the academic growth requiring them to excel in life.

The motivation, however, is directly dependent upon teachers, their expertise and role in encouraging students, the environment prevailing in a university, and not least parents’ attitude towards education. Other contributing factors are students’ peer groups and the company that they keep.

The students’ data of public and private universities shows that girls are more motivated to achieve high grades than boys. It is encouraging that even the lower socio-economic class has an awareness of the importance of a good higher education.

Prof Dr Shagufta Shahzadi

Published in Dawn, August 18th, 2019