Item songs culture

August 18, 2019


THE concept of item numbers in Pakistani cinema has become the norm, which is against our culture and ethical mores. The practice is hazardous especially for children who blindly follow media and celebrities.

Every nation uses its media and cinema to promote its culture and values. We on the other hand, are going in the other direction and blindly following the customs and ways of life of our eastern neighbour.

In the beginning it was only confined to wedding dances where men and women would dance sometimes in a vulgar manner to Indian songs. Things have since got out of hand. The demand in item numbers is for women to wear revealing dresses and dancing to amuse and entertain men.

This is not what Pakistan stands for. Our dramas in the past and even now have done a good job by portraying our culture unlike our movies.

This is a request to movie makers to portray Pakistan and not stoop even lower for the sake of a few coins.

Usaid Siddique

Published in Dawn, August 18th, 2019