DACCA: Sheikh Mujib-ur Rahman, President of the All-Pakistan Awami League, said here yesterday [Aug 14] that his “mission to Karachi has been successful”. Talking to newsmen at the Tejgaon Airport on his return from Karachi after a week-long visit, the Awami League chief said that his talks with the Sind United Front leaders were “very satisfactory”.

The United Front leaders had realised the problems that the country was confronting now, he said. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman said they had accepted that there should be representation to central legislatures on the basis of population, regional autonomy and disintegration of One Unit in West Pakistan. He said that the West Pakistani leaders and people had understood that his six-point programme would bring benefits not only to East Pakistan but it would give each and every Pakistani his due share and right.

The Awami League President said that he had also made it clear that his party’s six-point programme was not against the people of any area but against the vested interests. East Pakistanis did not like to live like a colony, he said, and added that they wanted to build a strong nation and live like Pakistanis....

Published in Dawn, August 16th, 2019