MULTAN: People continued to suffer on Eid days as the district administration failed to drain out stagnant rainwater from the various areas of the city, particularly the areas fell under the jurisdiction of NA-156.

Streets and many roads are inundated with the rainwater and sewage as the entire sewerage system has been choked.

The city received rain on Friday. The badly affected areas are Bawa Safra, localities adjoining to Double Phattak, Farooqpura, Shaheen Market, Ghalla Mandi, Vegetable Market, Razabad, Hussain Agahi, Daulat Gate, Old Shuajabad Road, Cattle Market Baleel, Sorik Kund Road, Rasheedabad, Khoni Burj, Mohallah Ghausabad, Pir Colony No 2 and 3, Ghareebabad, Daira Basti, Mohallah Awaisabad, Pipal Whera, Ghulamabad, New Latifabad, Bhutta Colony, Basti Khaarpur, Basti Jampur, Arshad Town, Chah Noor Khanwala, Muraadwala and Faizi Road.

“Even after the passage of over four days, authorities of the Water and Sanitation Authority have failed to remove the rainwater while the sewerage has further deteriorated the situation,” said social activist Haji Javed Janbaz.

He said the officials of the district administration, Wasa, Multan Municipal Corporation and Multan Waste Management Company are bringing bad name to the government as the wastes of sacrificial animals have further worsened the situation.

“People were forced to stay indoors and were unable to celebrate the festival,” he said.

He said the administration was only focusing the developed areas or the areas located within the middle of the city, the areas where the poor population is living is being badly ignored.

According to an official handout issued on Tuesday, Deputy Commissioner Aamir Khattak visited various areas of the city to monitor the process of the draining of the water.

“The DC reached the Government Elementary School Sharifpura and expressed his displeasure as the water was still not drained from the school” it stated.

It stated that the DC summoned the Wasa managing director and directed him to drain the water while the DC also made a phone call to the Chief Executive Officer (Education) and also directed him to ensure the holding of classes in the school soon the summer vacations end.

The DC also visited the Samanabad and was informed by the people what they are facing hardship as the authorities have failed to drain the water from the area after the sewerage system of the area was not working properly.

The deputy commissioner also directed the Wasa managing director to resolve the issue of Samanabad within 15 days.

The DC said that the relevant staff should be made more active and working of disposal stations should be improved.

Published in Dawn, August 14th, 2019