Simla accord

August 14, 2019


IF one goes through Article 1(ii) of the Simla accord, it categorically says that all the differences between two states are to be settled by peaceful means through bilateral negotiations etc.

According to the Indian perspective, this is why India says that the United Nations has nothing to do with Kashmir as it is a bilateral dispute.

According to the Pakistani perspective, the Simla document’s Article 1(i) states:

“The principles of the charter of the United Nations shall govern the relationship between two states.”

This means that by ratifying the Simla accord UNSC resolutions do not become obsolete. The Simla accord nowhere says the UN Security Council resolutions are not valid.

The UNSC must intervene in this dispute as New Delhi is endangering the peace and security of the world and only the UN alone can act to save world peace. Therefore it is their responsibility to intervene and stop the scourge of war.

Rana Yasir Iqbal


Published in Dawn, August 14th, 2019