BOMBAY: A resolution pledging support to the forthcoming Gandhi-Jinnah meeting and the leader’s efforts to end the Indian deadlock was unanimously adopted at a mass rally of workers here last evening [Aug 12].

Mr. B.T. Ranadive, member of the Political Bureau of the Communist Part of India, who presided on the occasion, explained how the Indian National leaders have now come to take a stand, which the Communist Party has been advocating for the last two years. He said that the demand for Pakistan was a natural urge for self-determination, a corollary to the demand for the self-determination of India as a whole.

He hoped that our National leaders would take a lesson from Soviet Russia, where as many as 16 different nationalities feel as one compact nation, not because they are held together by one Centre, but because each of the nationalities feel independent in every sense of the term without any fear of oppression from the majority.

Mr. Ranadive also exhorted the leaders not to let prejudices or petty differences come in way of settlement.

Published in Dawn, August 14th, 2019