AMMAN: Jordan shot down three Israeli fighters from the ground today [Aug 10] when Israeli planes attacked the East Ghor Canal in the Jordan Valley and other military positions, a Jordanian Military Spokesman said here tonight.

The spokesman said the East Ghor Canal was partially damaged and three Jordanian soldiers were wounded in the attack.

Waves of Israeli Mysteres and Vautour bombers took part in today’s attacks, which lasted some 85 minutes, the spokesman said.

One of the four Mysteres which attacked the Adassiyah area at 1520 local time was seen falling ablaze near the Syrian village of Tawafic in the occupied Golan Heights.

A Vautour which struck at the East Ghor Canal fell in the Khirbet al-Samra area opposite Jordanian positions, and a second Mysterer was shot down and seen falling in flames in the occupied Syria Heights, the spokesman said.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli spokesman however, claimed that the Jordanian anti-aircraft fire was ineffective and all planes returned safely to base.

The hour-long raid, the second into Jordan in the past week, was followed by an escalation of Arab guerilla attacks in the occupied Beisan Valley. An Israeli spokesman cited 38 incidents of shooting and “attempted infiltration” in the Valley in the past 10 days. — Agency

Published in Dawn, August 11th, 2019