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HabibMetro Bank's independence day campaign reaffirms the meaning of freedom

With the theme 'Badlo Bartao', the campaign asks for a change in attitude, and how to implement the meaning of azaadi
Updated Aug 12, 2019 11:13am

What is freedom and are we implementing our freedom right?

This is the question put forward by HabibMetro Bank’s independence day campaign: Badlo Bartao.

The campaign spotlights the patriotism we all become a part of every year. However, once the jashn-e-azaadi fervour dies down, the roaring flair to do big things for the country also tends to go away.

The video with over 3,000 shares on Facebook features children from diverse backgrounds associated with causes that HabibMetro Bank supports.

The independence day video features children from different walks of life, putting across the message of inclusivity and advocating an equal voice for all. The children are part of the education and rehabilitation causes supported by HabibMetro Bank.

The message being delivered is simple but powerful: although we as a nation are free, but we don’t act upon our freedom. We think that we are free to litter, free to waste water, free to waste electricity etc., whereas, the reality should be opposite.

“Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country,” is the thought being encapsulated in the Badlo Bartao campaign.

The right mindset of independence should entice us to be better citizens and change the society through our actions, because after all, who is stopping us?

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