Rallies, demonstrations held across Sindh to condemn Indian annexation of Kashmir

August 10, 2019


AN all-faith rally organised by the Sindh Awami Forum to condemn Indian move to annex Kashmir passes through a street of Hyderabad on Friday.—Online
AN all-faith rally organised by the Sindh Awami Forum to condemn Indian move to annex Kashmir passes through a street of Hyderabad on Friday.—Online

KARACHI: Political and religious parties, human rights bodies and government organisations took out rallies and staged demonstrations across the province on Friday to express solidarity with people of occupied Kashmir and condemn recent Indian move to annex the disputed region by revoking its special status in the country’s constitution.

In Karachi, Jamaat-i-Islami’s different chapters held dozens of demonstrations outside mosques across the city after Friday prayers where leaders made spee­ches and condemned Indian brutalities.

A statement issued by the party said that the leaders demanded Muslim world play its role to raise voice for the oppressed Kashmiris. “We do not expect anything from the United Nations, which has never done anything to stop barbarism in Kashmir, Syria, Burma and other Muslim countries,” they said while addressing rallies.

“Over 100,000 Kashmiri youngsters were killed and blinded by pellet guns and thousands of women have been raped by Indian army personnel over a decade but these brutalities have failed to move the UN into action against the Indian state,” they said.

Majlis-i-Wahdatul Musli­m­een (MWM) also held dem­o­n­strations after Friday prayers outside Khoja Shia Isna Ashari Masjid in Khara­dar, Jama Masjid Noor-i-Iman in Nazimabad and Jama Masjid Hyderi in Ora­ngi Town.

Holding placards and cha­n­ting slogans against the Ind­ian annexation of Kash­mir the leaders said at several demonstrations that Pakistan government should take concrete measures to fight the case of their brethren and convince frien­dly countries on its viewpoint on Kashmir.

A statement issued by the party said that the MWM leaders condemned Modi government for subjugating Kashmiris through new methods and vowed to support the oppressed people at all costs.

Allama Baqir Zaidi and other leaders said that India had tried to legalise its illegitimate occupation by revo­king Article 370 of its constitution and emphasised that even Article 370 was a cover-up for the occupation.

That was why Pakistan never accepted Indian claims over Kashmir, they said.

Like the rest of the country, it said, the MWM supporters staged rallies and demonstrations in many districts and towns of the province to mark a day of protest against India.

HYDERABAD: Activists of several political and religious parties and members of minorities took out rallies to express solidarity with oppressed Kashmiris who were braving untold atrocities at the hands of Indian paramilitary forces in the occupied region.

They converged outside local press club and chanted vociferous slogans against Indian prime minister, while carrying banners, placards and party flags.

Some charged youths belonging to Hindu, Sikh and Christian communities torched an effigy of Indian prime minister and condemned his biased and anti-Muslim policies.

Maulana Taj Mohammad Nahi­yoon of Jamiat Ulema-i-Islam-Fazl (JUI-F), Sufi Raza Mohammad Abbasi of Tehreek-i-Labbaik Pak­is­tan (TLP) and Jan Moham­mad Junejo of Sindh Awami Forum, supported by members of minorities, protested against the brutalities being perpetrated in occupied Kashmir.

JI leaders who organised a demonstration outside Quba Masjid in Hirabad highlighted the plight of unarmed Kashmiris who were being massacred by Indian forces and said that UN had adopted a shameful policy with regard to Kashmir and shut its eyes to the cruelties of Indian forces.

The international body was playing the role of a spectator instead of rising to the occasion and trying to resolve the longstanding issue which was bone of contention between two nuclear-armed states, they said.

JI leader Abdul Waheed Qureshi asked the prime minister and chief of army staff to support Kashmiris’ right to plebiscite as millions of Muslims, Dalits, Chris­tians, Sikhs and other communities were also facing Indian terrorism.

Communist Party of Pakistan secretary general comrade Imdad Qazi also condemned Indian aggre­ssion in occupied Kashmir and said the Kashmiris had been deprived of their basic human rights.

He said at a gathering held to mark the 39th death anniversary of communist leader Nazeer Abbasi that Indian government was taking undemocratic decisions against Kashmiris and his party condemned it in strong words.

SUKKUR: Hundreds of activists of JUI-F, MWM and TLP took out rallies in Khanpur Mahar and Jacob­abad to express solidarity with the oppressed people of occupied Kashmir.

In Khanpur Mahar, JUI-F workers started the rally from Gabol Market and marched up to press club where local party leaders Hafiz Nasrullah Gabol, Maulvi Muhammad Ameen Gadani and others delivered speeches.

In Jacobabad, JUI-F activists brought out a rally from the party’s district office to the press club where the leaders made speeches and said that India wanted to occupy Kashmir through terror and inhuman atrocities.

They said that they completely supported Pakistan army and demanded that UN take notice of the Indian atrocities in Kashmir as no day passed when innocent men, women and youths were not being killed and injured in the region.

Activists of MWM and TLP also took out rallies which terminated at the press clubs after marching on different roads.

The parties’ leaders urged international human rights organisations as well as UN to take notice of atrocities against Kashmiris.

Published in Dawn, August 10th, 2019