Ayn Rand quote

14 Jul 2019


WITH the back-breaking increases in the cost of basic commodities and services for the working people and the complete capitulation to the IMF, it is quite appropriate for Imran Khan to quote from the 20th century writer Ayn Rand (Imran invokes Rand, who is singularly famous for her quote “greed is good!”

Rand promoted the cult of individualism and opposed any form of human collectivism - unions, feminism, environmentalism and the programmes for human welfare. She justified colonialism of Palestine by arguing that Israeli Jews will bring civilization to the “primitive savages” in Palestine. Rand’s romance for social cruelty garnered her devout followers, ranging from neoliberal economists to politicians, who devastated the lives of the poor in their countries and globally. Donald Trump has quoted Rand’s novel “Fountainhead” as his favourite book, though his book-reading habits are doubtful.

It would behove the learned prime minister to update his reading list and quote from George Orwell’s classics — Animal Farm and 1984.

Manzoor Cheema

Raleigh, NC, USA

Published in Dawn, July 14th, 2019