July 14, 2019


Prayers for Ali Noor

On July 2, the world of music was shocked by the news that pop star and frontman for Noori Ali Noor was hospitalised in Islamabad and needed an urgent liver transplant. Within hours, social media was abuzz with a variety of reports and requests for prayers for him, as well as an appeal for liver donors.

The next day, his brother Ali Hamza wrote a message on his Facebook page, saying that Ali Noor’s condition had improved overnight and that the worst might be over. He explained that Ali N had “suffered an intense bout of Hepatitis A. There is possibility of liver damage but he’s being monitored by the best in the business.” Ali H emphasised that what was needed were prayers from everyone. Thankfully, ever since, Ali N is on a swift recovery path. Soon, we will hopefully hear him sing awesome songs like Manwa Re for us again, because we know he is a resilient lad.

The Yasser-Iqra Bling

It is baffling why there was a divided opinion on social media about Yasser Hussein and Iqra Aziz’s engagement that took place during the Lux Style Awards. The fact that Yasser H called it her ‘third’ award of the evening since she had already won two didn’t sound right, but we all know how people are at a loss for words on such important occasions.

In Yasser H’s case, though, he oftentimes finds more words than required. He needs to hire a good scriptwriter. The bottom-line is we all should be happy about their engagement. So congrats you two LSAs — Love Style Awardees.

Mature Meera

We don’t often give Meera dear enough credit for her evolution, both as an artist and as a woman. These days, she is basking in the glory of the success of her film Baaji directed by Saqib Malik.

Giving an interview to a TV channel, the actress was all praise for her co-artists in the movie. Not just that, she freely spoke about her former colleagues, such as Babar Ali and Resham, asking them to rejoin the industry because they are good actors. Isn’t that commendable? Baaji has truly come of age. Don’t ask the specifics about the age, though.

Zaira and Showbiz

It wouldn’t be wrong to suggest that Indian film actress Zaira Wasim’s (of Dangal fame) decision on June 30 to quit showbiz, because it was interfering with her religious beliefs, sent shockwaves in Bollywood. While there were some who supported her point of view, a big number of people from the film fraternity and media opposed it, so much so that it became a talking point for more than a week on social and mainstream media.

Actor Aamir Khan wasn’t happy with what had transpired.

News is that he might counsel the young Zaira W on the subject. Alright. Let’s see who wins in this ideological dangal.

New Item

For teenagers, this has to be one of the most anticipated hook-ups. Rumour has it that pop stars Camila Cabello (of Havana fame) and Shawn Mendes are dating. Camila C broke up with her boyfriend Mathew Hussey a few weeks back and, last week, she was found locking lips with Shawn M at a party. They were also seen getting touchy-feely on another occasion. Hmmm ... This gives a whole new meaning to Shawn M’s song Treat you better.

100 Years on Netflix

This is one of the most exciting news items for literature buffs who also love the visual medium in equal measure. Celebrated novel One Hundred Years of Solitude by the Nobel prize winner Gabriel Garcia Marquez is going to be made into a Spanish language series for Netflix.

Details of the project are a bit sketchy right now, but what we do know is that two of the late author’s sons are executive producers of the show. This is so nice. If it’s made well, Netflix will be remembered for at least 100 years without feeling any solitude.

YouTuber Aalia

One may call it keeping up with the times. But the fact of the matter is that Aalia Bhatt is a keen follower of Priyanka Chopra’s career, and listens to her advice with all her heart and soul. Or so it seems.

Aalia B has come up with her own YouTube channel. This she did after Priyanka C told her how important it is for modern-day actors to use digital platforms. Cool. For Ranbir Kapoor’s sake, however, hope Aalia B doesn’t take advice on relationships from Priyanka C — as you know, Aalia B is allegedly dating Ranbir K, who is a decade older than her, and Priyanka C is, well, into younger men.

Published in Dawn, ICON, July 14th, 2019