ICC rules

July 12, 2019


THE attitude of members of the International Cricket Council (ICC) is too harsh. They change rules too often. They sit on top and pontificate or issue decrees. I won’t be surprised if they decree that the colour of a cricket ball should be orange and every fifth person who enters a stadium to watch a cricket match his/ her should shave their heads.

Members of the ICC, it appears, are on some sort of ego trip. I feel they change the rules to flatter themselves and to show people who the boss is.

Cricket fans are put off by these complicated rules which seem to be changing at whims.

A viewer or a spectator is only interested in cricket not in the labyrinthine of rules or their horrible consequences. If the ICC does not change its ways many people will lose interest in cricket.

Azmat Ansari


Published in Dawn, July 12th, 2019