Local items’ standards

July 10, 2019


THIS refers to the letter ‘Imported items’ (June 26). The writer’s concern is valid. The local industry and trade have to provide goods and services at par in quality and excellence with the imported ones to win consumer satisfaction and confidence.

We do have quality and standards regulatory authorities but no compliance, while a weak implementation of controls gives the local producer a free hand in getting away without a money-back guarantee or paying compensation to consumers.

Since there is no accountability for manufacturer, we see low-quality products.

Sometimes ago, a daring and hardworking bureaucrat was seen going around Lahore checking and penalising eateries and food item factories, but later the campaign fizzled out and the consumers were left to their fate.

A vigorous implementation of controls is the need of the hour and the public expects the present government to keep this in its reforms agenda.

Almaee Jafri


Published in Dawn, July 10th, 2019