SCBA’s strange call

June 16, 2019


APROPOS the news report ‘PBC forms bodies to identify corrupt, inefficient judges’ and letter ‘SCBA chief’s strange call’ (June 10).

Amid the call for a countrywide strike and lockdown of the courts on June 14 and other demands, this is the second voice of reason. The first was from Punjab Bar Council which had refused to have anything to do with the strike call and other unreasonable demands, which is putting it mildly.

Perhaps, failing to secure unanimous support, especially in the province housing more than half of Pakistan’s population, the Pakistan Bar Council has now changed its strategy. It has announced the formation of committees in all four provinces and Islamabad to identify ‘inefficient and corrupt’ judges by reviewing their judgments and making investigations, and then preparing references against them. Strangely, the names of all these committee members are to remain secret.

A senior body has come up with such an amateurish scheme in which the names of high-powered body, will remain secret; meaning the committee will speak only through one or two high-officials, and expect others to trust its supposed deliberations.

S. Hashmi


Published in Dawn, June 16th, 2019