Railway recruitment

June 11, 2019


SHEIKH Rasheed recently announced that a ballot system would be used to recruit new railway employees. As a business student, this amazes me.

How can the railway minister make such an absurd statement? Pakistan Railways is already in a crises and it cannot afford unwise decisions anymore. This recruiting system will fail to take into account the applicants’ skills, their previous experience, qualification, and ultimately ineligible and incompetent staff will be recruited.

Not only will this be unfair to the deserving applicants, it will be damaging to the railway too.

Employing incompetent employees will lead to confusion at work, delays and communication errors between the employees. This will result in a chaotic working condition.

I would suggest some changes that can lead to suitable staff recruitment, for example, designing a job description, a person’s specification and outsource a recruiting firm. However, if the railway minister is so unfit for the job, how can we expect any substantial improvements in the recruiting system?

K Shayan Ali

Published in Dawn, June 11th, 2019