KARACHI: The division of West Pakistan into four different administrative zones was suggested by the Municipal Councillors trade union leaders and leading citizens who appeared before the Decentralisation Committee in Karachi yesterday [June 10]. These zones should be named as Northern, Central, Southern and Eastern Zones. The Southern Zone should consist of Hyderabad, Khairpur and Karachi divisions.

The committee, which held its sitting in Karachi yesterday, also heard the Municipal Councillors’ views who pleaded for the delegation of maximum administrative powers to officials on divisional and district levels for the smooth functioning of the administration. The Councillors pointed out a number of administrative problems faced by the Karachi Municipal Corporation in execution of the development programmes under the present Municipal Act. They, therefore, pleaded for replacing it with the old Act which would facilitate the working of the local bodies, especially the KMC.

The trade union leaders were of the view that there should be uniform labour laws for the whole country. They contended that they were not interested in the number of political units in the country, but were mainly concerned with the effective execution of Government policies. — Correspondent

Published in Dawn, June 11th, 2019