Faisal Mosque cleanup

June 10, 2019


A GROUP of concerned citizens approached the Capital Development Authority chairman in July 2018, with a request to allow them to assist in the clean-up the grounds around Faisal Mosque.

These days the mosque is less a place of worship and more of a picnic ground. Hordes of tourists and picnickers descend on it on weekends, and leave behind mounds of trash.

It is almost a year since we submitted our request, but the CDA failed to respond. Recently, I visited the CDA Chairman’s office, where the staff sheepishly admitted that they had ‘lost’ our letter.

I submitted another application. And yet again, there is no response. Are the CDA officials offended or are we good citizens ‘missing’ something?

We want to help, and know how to. When will the residents of Islamabad have a real say in the running of this city?

Karim Yusuf


Published in Dawn, June 10th, 2019