Peeping Tom

May 26, 2019


WITH the amalgamation of the camera into a smartphone, cameras have become a common tool found in every hand. However, it is unfortunate that some unscrupulous people are misusing cameras by making videos or taking pictures of others without their consent.

In a recent incident a former student of a top-notch private medical university was caught filming female students. The campus authorities decided to probe his activities and learnt to their horror that this person had been filming female students for more than three years and had accumulated a large library of video footage.

Such acts only make one realise the fact that the world has only advanced in the technological sense but we are still prone to evil thoughts and wicked behviour.

The educational institution where this incident took place should take strict disciplinary action against the culprit so that others dare not resort to such loutish acts.

All educational institutions should ensure students’ security, especially female.

Mahan Aslam

Turbat, Balochistan

Published in Dawn, May 26th, 2019