April 28, 2019



After Bushra Ansari and her sisters’ heartwarming effort to mend the fences with India through music, comes another Pakistani artist with a bit of a similar intent.

Remember Mohammad Arif, the guy who shot to fame when his video in which he is singing an Arijit Singh song while painting a house went viral? He’s come up with an original track. It’s called Thoko Taali and it is dedicated to Indian cricketer-turned-politician-turned-showbiz personality Navjot Sidhu whose expression ‘thoko taali’ (start clapping) that he often utters on the Kapil Sharma Show has become a catchphrase.

So the song, with his catchphrase as its title, is a tribute to Navjot S and his tireless efforts to bring India and Pakistan closer. To be honest, it’s not a composition that wows you, but a peppy one nonetheless. What’s heartening to see is that the young singer is going places, which he richly deserves.


There’s not much one can say about showbiz celebs and the rate at which they tie the knot and then part ways (not that common folk are any different). On April 18, singer par excellence Adele and her husband Simon Konecki got divorced. The two had been together for eight years and have a son who they intend to raise together.

Simon K also has a daughter from a previous relationship. Since the couple have been guarding their privacy, the reason for the split is not yet known. To be honest, however, there is no need to know about it. No one leaves anyone with a smile.


On April 19, Hollywood hottie Kate Hudson turned 40. It was an eventful day. Her best friend, Oscar winner Gwyneth Paltrow took her to a yoga class at Brentwood in the morning (hmmm) after which they went to Alfred’s Tea for coffee, which turned out to be the venue for a surprise party because there Kate H’s parents Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell, along with some other friends, were waiting to sing HBD for her.

The whole thing was video-recorded by a common friend, writer Erin Foster, who later put it all up on her Instagram page. Cool! But yoga class on her birthday! It’s a good thing Gwyneth P didn’t shower her friend with her Goop product line.


It is difficult to describe Aftab Iqbal, the host of the TV show Khabarzar. Last week, he got tongues wagging both on social and mainstream media when he commented during a sketch/skit on the show that 30-something women’s obsession with careers causes hysteria [in them] and marriage is the solution to their problem. One wonders how TV channels let such remarks go unchecked.

We live in an era where movements such as #MeToo have compelled the world to revisit deep-seated traditional notions.

It is against this backdrop that the role of print and electronic media becomes all the more important in disseminating information that doesn’t make them come across as antediluvian in their approach to life. We hope that Aftab I too will revisit his ideas. We can only hope, mind you.


This is what fame (or too much work) does to you. Ever since the film Badhaai Ho has become a box office hit and critical success, its star Neena Gupta is in the news (and working like crazy).

In an interview, the actress has talked about her longish lean patch as an artist before Badhaai Ho but without too much malice towards anyone. Narrating an incident she said she once met Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar on a flight, where she requested them to help her daughter, Masaba, in her dream of becoming an actress. They promised they would. But when she subsequently called them both, they didn’t answer her phone. Neena G remarked, “They are mean and cheap kinda people.” Spot on, madam. Try and give them a call now, they’ll act magnanimous for sure now.


Can Priyanka Chopra and her hubby Nick Jonas slow down a little? Yes, we get it, you guys are in love. But hear us out: it is a bit of a bummer to talk about your future intimate plans in public.

Nick J has told a journo that he has floated an idea to his wife that, in the future, they should collaborate on a project that their (future) kids could also enjoy. However, he clarified that, while they would love to have children, right now they are taking their time. TMI, Nick J! And don’t count your chickens before they hatch.

Published in Dawn, ICON, April 28th, 2019