GHALANAI: Owners of the marble factories and workers blocked the main Peshawar-Bajaur Road near Sharmakhano Post area in Pandiali tehsil on Wednesday against imposition of heavy fines and unscheduled electricity loadshedding.

The road remained blocked for two hours causing inconvenience to the commuters who had to reach their destinations on foot.

Speaking on the occasion, marble owners said if Wapda did not ensure smooth supply of electricity to the factories they would against close the road.

They said the area was a tax-free zone, but huge levies were slapped on them through the power bills. Besides, they said they were also fined heavily.

The marble owners said due to heavy fines and inflated power bills they were suffering huge losses. They said instead of giving job opportunities the government was snatching employment from the tribesmen.

The road was opened to traffic after the district administration officials assured the protesters that their issues would be resolved at the earliest.

Published in Dawn, April 25th, 2019