Demand and supply

April 20, 2019


PRICES of essential and daily use items have been on the rise. Prime Minister Imran Khan has admitted this and the federal and provincial governments have been trying to keep the prices at reasonable level.

Opposition parties have been cashing in on this situation for political point-scoring. In doing so, they ignore the fact that they are creating panic and buying spree among the masses unnecessarily.

They should better remember the supply and demand. If the demand of anything is more than the supply, the price is likely to go up. On the other hand, if the supply is more than the demand, the price will remain stable and within reasonable limits.

They should be doing service to the nation and the country by advising the people not to buy costly items. Mutton prices have soared to Rs1,000 per kilo. Similarly, lawn fabric is ordinary cloth which women use extensively. But its fashion designing and branding have raised its price exorbitantly but it is still being bought in abundance by women.

Then hoarders and black marketeers also operate without any fear of being caught by the law enforcement agencies.

We keep our refrigerators full throughout the week. Can we pledge not to buy any unessential item, particularly perishable items at costly prices at least for one or two days a week, thus keeping demand less than supply?

Mohammad Ali


Published in Dawn, April 20th, 2019