Cheating in exams

April 17, 2019


Our education system depicts a gloomy picture. Every year during the board examinations, district administration authorities and concerned board officials conduct raids on examination centres to discourage cheating.

Furthermore, during examination months, raids are also carried out on shops and stalls selling textbooks to stop the sale of ‘pocket guides.’ These are popular among students keen to learn about a subject in a short duration. I fail to understand why the authorities do not raid such shops throughout the year.

It is also unfortunate that in some cases teachers have been found helping students solve their exam papers. This is unprofessional behaviour on the part of teachers and an affront to a noble profession. I am afraid this is no solution to this malady in society. The authorities need to rethink their strategy to deal with the issue.

A. Hadi Paracha

Published in Dawn, April 17th, 2019