LAHORE: The Martial Law Administrator Zone “A” has, by Martial Law Order No. 6, directed the people to clear all outstanding amounts of taxes, levies etc within 40 days of the issue of this order [April 11].

The order runs as under: All taxes, cesses, duties, levies and other demands of the Government of West Pakistan including those listed in the schedule attached to this order that have become due and have not been paid within the period prescribed under the relevant law shall be paid within a period of 40 days of this order. All such demands that become due in future shall be paid within the period prescribed under the relevant law.

Nothing in this order shall be deemed in any way to affect the powers of the competent authority under the relevant law to grant any exemption from, or remission of any cess, duty, levy or other demand or to fix any instalment for payment thereof with or without interest. Any person who contravenes any provision of this order shall be punishable under Martial Law Regulation No. 25.

The taxes, cesses etc listed in the schedule are: provincial taxes (property tax, entertainment duty, motor vehicle tax) land revenue, water rate, cotton cess, electricity duty, provincial excise and amounts payable by local bodies. — Agency

Published in Dawn, April 12th, 2019