KARACHI: The final feasibility report on the multi-million Karachi Steel Mills Project will be submitted by the British consulting firm to the Pakistan Steel Mills Corporation by early next month [April 6].

The consultants’ team, which reached Karachi earlier this year, has completed its work and the last of its members, Mr A.J. Painting, is due to fly back home this week. Mr Painting told “Dawn” in an interview that his team was very satisfied with its studies and expressed the view that the project was sound and feasible in all respects.

He said that the team was originally scheduled to submit its report to the Corporation by April 23, but this time-schedule was upset due to loss of working days during the recent political, students and workers’ unrest. Even so, he asserted that the delay in the submission of the report would not exceed a fortnight.

... He said that his team was also of the view that the project was “technically feasible” and added that his report would also deal with the financing of the ambitious scheme. This, he said, was the view of the team after detailed study of the available data and matters relating to the technical and economic requirements of the mills.

Published in Dawn, April 7th, 2019