Domestic violence

April 04, 2019


THE harrowing case of Lahore’s Asma Aziz, who was beaten and tortured by her husband, was horrifying. News items claim that her husband and his employees allegedly stripped her, beat her, and shaved her head over not dancing for them.

What has happened to our society? Why are women attacked in every city, corner, home? Why do they still have to fight for their rights — why don’t they have basic human rights?

According to UN Women: “Pakistan has several laws and policies against various forms of violence. Challenges remain, however, in implementing these measures. Many women still lack access to free or affordable essential services in sectors such as health, police, justice and social support to ensure their safety, protection and recovery. Not enough is done to prevent violence, which is the most challenging but also effective way to eliminate violence in a sustainable way.” We need to change society’s mindset one person at a time as such change will not happen overnight.

Shazim Shujrah


Published in Dawn, April 4th, 2019