LAKKI MARWAT: The district administration has asked the elders of Bettani tribe to hand over the two facilitators of the attack on an education department team within 48 hours.

Miscreants had attacked officials of the education department’s independent monitoring unit in remote Gazgoba area of the tribal subdivision on Wednesday killing official Sofia Bibi and a Levies sepoy and injuring four others.

The government recently extended the independent monitoring unit’s services to the schools of merged tribal districts and subdivisions to ensure the presence of teachers and students and improve standard of education.

After the attack, the authorities began a search for the locals, who facilitated miscreants.

The district administration called a jirga of tribal elders from Tajbikhel and Wargara clans in Chigalar area on Thursday.

Deputy commissioner Jehangir Azam Wazir, Pakistan Army Tajazai camp commanding officer Lt-Colonel Osman and other officials attended it.

The officials told elders that the attack on government officials had badly affected the peaceful atmosphere in the region.

They said they had credible information that some tribesmen from Tajbikhel and Wargara clans acted as facilitators of the attackers and therefore, their handover should be ensured within 48 hours to prevent strict action.

The tribal elders sought 72 hours for the purpose but the officials said the 48 hours deadline won’t be extended.

Meanwhile, IMU official Sofia was laid to rest in her native Aezerkhel village.

Published in Dawn, March 29th, 2019