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Here's how this campaign is encouraging healthy breakfast habits for school-going kids

Blue Band is asking kids to prioritise breakfast in their daily routine.
Updated Apr 06, 2019 10:05am

Numerous cases pertaining to malnutrition in Pakistan often surface to highlight inadequate dietary intake of vitamins in kids.

As per National Nutrition Survey 2011, every second child (under the age of five) in Pakistan is Vitamin A deficient and two out five children are Vitamin D deficient.

How does vitamin deficiency impact health?

Here's a quick look at what lack of Vitamin A & D can do to the human body:

One way to address this is to focus on consuming a healthy breakfast; meals that essentially include sufficient amounts of Vitamin A and D.

While most parents understand the need of a balanced diet for a child, few realise the importance of building healthy eating habits.

A healthy meal for breakfast kick-starts the metabolism and boosts energy levels to help kids focus in school, all the while maintaining good health, better memory and concentration.

How is Blue Band helping?

Blue Band is spreading the message of #SabSePehleNashta that aims to connect to 1 million mothers across Pakistan and play its role in reducing the rising numbers of Vitamin A and D deficiencies.

The brand is helping Pakistani children fulfill their daily nutritional requirements with just one serving of Blue Band. Each serving contains 24 percent of Vitamin A and 30 percent of Vitamin D of Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA).

On the other hand, several renowned Pakistani celebrities such as Sidra Iqbal, Sanam Jung, Nida Yasir, Faysal Quraishi and many others have passionately furthered Blue Band’s mission along with notable nutritionists.

Fun school visits are also arranged to create awareness among students, advising them to build a habit of consuming healthy breakfast meals before heading to school.

For more details on the brand and the campaign, head over to Blue Band Pakistan's official facebook page.

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