DACCA: Mr A.H.M. Kamruzzaman, MNA, and member of the Central Democratic Action Committee (DAC) today [Feb 11] contradicted a news item published in today’s issue of a local English daily.

In a statement to the Press here this evening, Mr Kamruzzaman said: “Our attention has been drawn towards a news item ‘Mujib against talks unless released’ published in ‘The Pakistan Observer’ of Feb 11, 1969. In the said news item, it has published that Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, President, East Pakistan Awami League, has refused to agree to the political talks proposed by President Ayub Khan scheduled for Feb 17 unless the alleged conspiracy case is withdrawn and he is released. …

“The aforesaid news item is wholly untrue and is designed to create disunity in DAC. Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, in fact, asked us to decide all the issues in the Working Committee and the decision thereof shall be final. Since he was in custody and not acquainted with the events outside, he left everything to the decision of the Working Committee emphasising only one factor that Awami League should go for the people and with the people.” — Agency

Published in Dawn, February 12th, 2019