DACCA: The Central Democratic Action Committee (DAC) tonight [Feb 10] renewed its call for the observance of the country-wide hartal on Feb 14 in a peaceful and disciplined manner. ... The DAC said that the Hartal was essential for the success of the people’s movement. The Central DAC also demanded judicial inquiry forthwith to go into the causes of firings and other administrative excesses and repressions in both East and West Pakistan.

In a resolution the Central DAC expressed its unbound consternation at the vicious and ruthless repression let loose by the “dictatorial Government” against the united and resolved people of Pakistan who have risen as one man to fight for the restoration of full, free and unfettered democracy in Pakistan. The DAC congratulated the whole nation for the determined and fearless manner in which, as befits a free people, they have valiantly fought for the inalienable rights and freedom and which now no power could deny to them.

The DAC expressed its profound sorrow at the death of the students and other valiant fighters of freedom who have fallen victim to wholly unjustified police firings and other atrocities and saluted the martyrs in the noble cause of democracy and freedom, to which they immeasurably contributed by the final sacrifices.

Published in Dawn, February 11th, 2019