Policing in Sindh

January 22, 2019


THE police brutality near Sahiwal claiming four lives has saddened and alarmed me at the same time. I fear — God forbid — a similar tragedy is waiting to happen in Karachi.

Since last week, I have observed Sindh police set up temporary traffic hurdles on busy thoroughfares even at peak traffic hours to carry out snap checks. The policemen all armed with assault rifles — this in a modern metropolis — and also side arms, stop vehicles, particularly motorcycles, rickshaws and the odd old model car. I have yet to see an expensive vehicle or SUV with tinted glasses stopped for a check.

These policemen dressed in riot gear seem barely out of their teens and not once have I seen an officer of a senior rank with them.

Has the Sindh government resolved the pressing issues afflicting the province and its capital Karachi that it has come up with this gem?

Perhaps the Stanford-educated chief executive can enlighten us on how many desperados have been netted in this campaign.

It seems Monsieur Closeau is back in town, and with a vengeance.

Sagheer Abdullah

Published in Dawn, January 22nd, 2019