LAHORE: The Pakistan Railways on Tuesday increased train fares on its major routes by up to 19 per cent, triggering fears that this was just a prelude to a wave of inflation caused by a variety of factors, including the constant fall of the rupee against US dollar.

The increase was a foregone conclusion after Railways Minister Sheikh Rashid had spoken about it being an unavoidable fate.

Reports late on Tuesday quoting a Railways handout said the increase would affect the passengers travelling on many major routes, mainly covering the main line from Peshawar to Karachi.

Tezgam, Karakoram Express, Business Train and Khyber Mail are among the trains to be affected by the revised fares, which could cost travellers many hundreds more than they were being charged earlier.

Karakoram fare from Karachi to Lahore has been raised by Rs170; that of Khyber Mail, Awam Express and Tezgam by 15pc; and the fare of Karachi, Business, Shalimar and Shah Husain by 12pc.

The biggest increase of 19pc has been made in the fares of Pakistan Express.

These fares will come into force from Dec 7.

Published in Dawn, December 5th, 2018