Traffic menace

November 24, 2018


TRAFFIC has become a big problem for the residents of Qasimabad. Here, we face heavy traffic in shape of loaded trailers, dumpers, trucks and tractors while dropping our children off at school.

The traffic makes us late to drop off the children and as a consequence we reach late too. Don’t even get me started on how this costs us extra as well — increase in consumption of fuel.

Unfortunately, this is the area where all construction material is sold — on the main road leading to prominent schools such as Beacon House and City schools.

Traffic, incidentally, is at its peak during school drop off and pick up timings. This chokes the U-turn and occupies two-thirds of the road while the heavy vehicles are being loaded and unloaded.

When I complained about this to the police, I was told that nothing could be done as this was the time (10pm to 10am) set be the deputy commissioner.

I request the authorities concerned to take immediate action and restrict the entry of heavy traffic into the city during school hours.

Jam Saifullah Junejo


Published in Dawn, November 24th, 2018