Taking the Audi A1 Sportback for a test run

Audi is set to roll out the second generation of its compact A1, with better performance and new technology.
Published 03 Sep, 2018 02:37pm

Audi is set to roll out the second generation of its compact A1 this autumn, boasting better performance and some new technology.

Since the A1 came on the market in 2010, over 830,000 have been sold, making it a roaring success.

The second generation will offer lots of customisable features:10 colours can be mixed and matched for the side mirror housings and side skirts.

The Audi A1 shares a platform with the Seat Ibiza and the VW Polo.

Jurgen Loffler from Audi’s design unit says the aim was an entirely new character for the car, while of course preserving its identity as a true Audi. The new A1 has a wider and flatter single frame grill.

The three slits are a tribute to the old Sport Quattro grill, which is in Audi’s genes.

It also has new daytime running lights, large air intakes and a mesh and the grill, like in the high performance RS models. So it’s a sporty reworking of the A1’s front.

The new look with running lights emphasise the width of the car. The front is typical Audi, aggressive and sporty.

At the rear, the big exhausts also flaunt their sportiness. The S model comes with 18 inch wheels, and the trunk has grown 65 litres to a total of 335.

To fulfill its ambition of having the sportiest cabin in it’s class, the A1 now boasts the infotainment system from its very big brother, the A8.

All the controls are digital and well positioned. The sound system is not be sneezed at, it comes courtesy of Bang & Olufsen.

The colour of the seats can be chosen to compliment or reflect that of the exterior and the cabin.

Steffen Tarashti of Audi says digitisation plays an increasingly greater role for their customers, thus a digital instrument cluster is standard in the new A1. So is a multifunctional steering wheel.

The large central display is perfectly integrated into the design of the cabin, and of course the customers are very keen on a dynamic look and sporting performance.

Engines will range from 70 to 147 kW and all come with particle filters. There is no diesel option.

Prices in Germany start at EUR20,000 so there should be plenty of young people willing and able to buy the new A1.

This content has been published in partnership with Deutsche Welle (DW).