PEACE Cable International Network Co. Ltd signs an MoU with Cybernet

Updated Aug 31, 2018 01:50pm
Left to Right: Mr. Frederick Chui, SVP Global Data at PCCW, Mr. Sun Xiaohua, COO PEACE, Mr. Danish Lakhani, CEO Cybernet
Left to Right: Mr. Frederick Chui, SVP Global Data at PCCW, Mr. Sun Xiaohua, COO PEACE, Mr. Danish Lakhani, CEO Cybernet

On August 29, 2018, PEACE Cable International Network Co. Ltd. signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) and landing party agreement with Cybernet and Djibouti Telecom during the 4th Asia-Pacific Submarine Networks Forum in Shenzhen, China.

Remaining landing party agreements will also be signed within the next two weeks, representing a key milestone in the delivery plan which includes application permit work in each country.

Geographically the PEACE cable will connect the three most populated continents in the world: Asia, Africa and Europe with backbone connectivity in Pakistan, Djibouti, Egypt, Kenya and France; this will result in critical digital alliance with the economic corridors of Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Based on the shared vision of trust and cooperation, several parties are committed to building an “Open System” concept to build an efficient environment for improved latency, high-capacity and carrier neutral bandwidth services for regional customers.

Speaking about the agreement, Sun Xiaohua, COO of PEACE, said, "After nearly two months of consultation, the cooperation and negotiation between the PEACE and landing partners has been completed. Thanks to all the partners for their support and I hope that PEACE will bring added economic value to the region in the near future."

Highlighting the need to revamp Pakistan's digital environment, Danish A. Lakhani, CEO Cybernet, said, “We are excited about working on the PEACE project and the numerous benefits that the PEACE Cable will bring to Pakistan and its digital economy. In addition to providing much needed redundancy to Pakistan’s internet infrastructure and reducing latency to western destinations, this ultra-high capacity cable will usher in a new era of affordable gigabit services in the country. Furthermore, as a carrier neutral cable system, it will enable other telecom carriers, ISPs, CDN and content providers to extend its benefits across the spectrum of Pakistani society.”

Mohamed Assoweh Bouh, General Director of Djibouti Telecom, said, “Djibouti Telecom’s objective is to strengthen its regional Hub position, the crossroad of three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe. PEACE and DARE shall collaborate to achieve the digital and economic transformation of Republic of Djibouti.”

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