Pile of mud, ounce of gold

For Arif Bhatti and his companions, everything that glitters IS gold.
Updated Jun 09, 2018 04:24pm

Directed by Omer Nafees, Rohan Azhar and Bilal Lateef, 'Pile of mud, ounce of gold' was one of the honourable mentions in the and Deutsche Welle video story contest, #ItHappensOnlyinPakistan

The film follows Arif Bhatti and his companions in Lahore's Sunehri Mandi, who sweep the streets and fish through the sewers of the old city, extracting gold out of trash.

"Unbelievable story!" - Jami

"Tastefully crafted narrative with lots of modern and contemporary vibes. I like how they combine text to tell the story. Well done! " - Babar Sheikh

It Happens Only In Pakistan is a nationwide video story contest organised by and Deutsche Welle (DW), Germany's international broadcaster. The contest invited filmmakers from all over Pakistan to submit short documentary-styled videos on subjects that are uniquely Pakistani. Jury for the contest included noted Pakistani documentary filmmakers Jami and Babar Sheikh. The contest accepted entries from March 23 to May7, 2018.