Biography of Imran launched

May 20, 2018


LAHORE: A book launch on Imran Khan took place at Liberty Books branch in Packages Mall.

Signed books were stacked at the store as customers and those interested in knowing about the book came to speak to the author.

“Let there be justice: The political journey of Imran Khan” is a biography of Imran Khan, and author Burhan Javed Sadiq said that Khan had always fascinated him.

“Writing has always been part of my family,” he said. “That was one reason why this book came about but as far as the subject matter is concerned, I am always attracted to real life stories, and people rather than fiction,” he added.

He said Imran Khan was the biggest crossover celebrity from Pakistan, who was both ‘panned’ and ‘venerated’ at the same time.

“He is panned because of his acerbic speeches, his erratic behaviour or the induction of turncoats in his party among many other reasons,” said Sadiq. “I have addressed these characteristics in the book. Khan has not backed the book and it’s not official.”

He said it was obvious why Khan was also venerated, because of his social activism, and cricket, mostly.

“In researching for this book – which took two years – I have spoken to blue collar working classes as well as gone to small towns to see what kind of supporters he has. I’ve not just seen his support in urban areas only.”

“Khan has made this country known all over the world, and he cuts a fascinating figure all over the world, intriguing people for decades,” he said. The author said his second book would be a work of fiction and was already under process.

Published in Dawn, May 20th, 2018