The PML-N govt will spend Rs90.52bn on federal education and related services in the upcoming fiscal year, it was announced Friday.

The figure is nearly Rs6bn higher than the allocation under this head last year.

The majority of the budget, 75.4pc, will be spent on tertiary education and related services, according to the Federal Budget 2017-18.

Broken down, pre-primary and primary education will receive Rs8.75bn under the budget, secondary education Rs10.8bn, and tertiary education Rs68.25bn. Administrative costs will account for Rs1.29bn of the total allocation.

Separately, the government has allocated Rs 2.96bn for the Ministry of Federal Education and Professional Training in Budget 2017-18 under its Public Sector Development Program (PSDP).

An allocation of Rs35.66bn for the Higher Education Commission (HEC) was also made in the budget.

The allocated amount for new schemes includes the development of academic and research infrastructure at the University of Gwadar, with total funding of Rs200mn, while Rs400mn have been earmarked for establishment of the National Science and Technology Park at the Central Campus of the National University of Science and Technology.

An amount of Rs240mn has been allocated for the establishment of sub-campuses of public sector universities at the district level.

Rs550mn have been allocated in the budget for the Fulbright Scholarships Support Program of HEC-USAID Phase-2, while Rs527mn have been allocated for the Pak-USAID Merit and Need Based Scholarship Program (Phase-II).

A total amount of Rs576mn has been earmarked for new schemes under the Ministry of Federal Education, while Rs2.38bn will be spent on ongoing schemes.

The allocated amount for new schemes includes capacity building of education managers, with total funding of Rs26mn, while Rs500mn has been earmarked for National Education Reforms Initiatives.

An amount of Rs50mn has also been allocated for the teaching of the Holy Quran in BECS and NCHD schools.

Ongoing schemes of the ministry include establishment of the National Curriculum Council (NCC) Secretariat, for which Rs39 million have been allocated, while Rs40 million will be spent on the National Best Teacher Awards and National Teachers Training Institute.

An amount of Rs1.46bn will also be spent on the establishment and operation of basic education community schools in the country.

A total of Rs737mn has been allocated for improving Human Development Indicators in Pakistan with a focus on Millennium Development Goals relating to education.