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‘Sharjeel timely informed PCB of his meeting with suspected bookie’

Updated May 17, 2017 07:57am


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LAHORE: Sharjeel Khan’s counsel told the Anti-corruption Tribunal on Tuesday that his client had timely informed the relevant authority of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) about his meeting with a person, who was later recognised as a bookie by the Board.

Sharjeel is facing an inquiry for his alleged involvement in spot-fixing during the second edition of the Pakistan Super League.

On the second day of day-to-day hearing, lawyer Sheghan Ijaz informed the tribunal that playing dot balls was not a crime but part of the game.

Later, talking with the media, he said, “We are quite satisfied with today’s progress and our stance is clear. It is also not a crime to meet any person on the request of another cricketer.”

He further said Sharjeel had met a friend of his fellow player on the afternoon of the first match of PSL’s second edition.

Ijaz added they also cross-examined Anti-corruption Unit’s head retired Colonel Azam.

PCB’s attorney Tafazzul Rizvi said he would not comment on the issue as it was being examined by the Anti-corruption Tribunal.

He added that conversions between the players which had been recorded on WhatsApp were produced before the tribunal.

Published in Dawn, May 17th, 2017


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Comments (26) Closed

Saima Khan May 17, 2017 08:51am

We need Sharjeel now b4 he lost his charm like Amir

Abbas khan May 17, 2017 09:00am

The team needs his services asap. PCB must look after such players not after they are caught but during their career like parents lookaftwr their kids.

Shoaib May 17, 2017 09:06am

@Saima Khan We need a player who can play honestly.

HK May 17, 2017 09:32am

@Shoaib unless proven guilty!

JKhan May 17, 2017 10:18am

Could this be a deliberate 'scam' by Sethi to settle some score?

Muhammad Yasir May 17, 2017 10:38am

Code of conduct was clearly told to all of them before the start of PSL and quite often they are delivered lectures on fixing etc. So why they fell in that scam if they knew the person whom they are going to meet is a bookie. They should have learnt from the history that happened in the recent past. So, the inquiry should be conducted transparently and if they found guilty should be punished but if PCB fails to convict them culprit due to lack of evidences than PCB should apologize these cricketers of defamation and of their character assassination.

MEA May 17, 2017 10:44am

The boy, so talented, seems to be fair while informing the proper authority about guilt.

Shuja May 17, 2017 11:46am

You always know to whom you are going to meet, PCB should conduct transparent investigation , and if they found guilty they should be punished. Talented Cricketer though, but no one is above law.

athar sherwani May 17, 2017 12:11pm

@JKhan Get a life!

s. Daniel May 17, 2017 12:14pm

If Nawaz Sharif can run a country during investigation then why not Sharjeel Khan too??

Sherry May 17, 2017 12:48pm

Seems PCB has gone overboard with their crackdown against fixing this time. They seem to be behaving bigger than even James Bond now and nailing down players just at the slight pretext. And here is a team Chennai Super Kings run by a fixing mafia and everyone seem to know that but nobody questions the morality of all the players playing in the team rather the captain of that team who evidently took many favours from the owners over the years (Ask Lalit Modi) and still being treated as a demi God and is a huge cult favourite at a place which is giving cricket lectures to everyone these days across the world. So much for the sycophancy. Huh.....

Kash May 17, 2017 12:50pm

Sharjeel is innocent

Umar May 17, 2017 01:06pm

Is our system so inept that we constantly get so wrong

vikas May 17, 2017 02:27pm

Ban all present players. Select an absolutely new team of completely fresh faces. They anyways will have the same chances of winning the Champions Trophy (almost nil), but at least there will be hope. Or what? Pakistan doesn't have back up and reserves or fresh faces coming up?

Fowzul Aleem Farook May 17, 2017 02:59pm

@Muhammad Yasir EXACTLY

Farjee May 17, 2017 03:15pm

Feel sorry for cricketers when PCB itself against them..

Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad May 17, 2017 05:17pm

If Sharjeel informed PCB pertaining to his meeting with suspected bookie in time, then what's all this fuss about?

Waseem sarwar May 17, 2017 05:33pm

@HK , hence suspended till proven innocent.

Waseem sarwar May 17, 2017 05:35pm

@Dr. Salaria, Aamir Ahmad , Sharjeel's lawyer is claiming that. Do you expect his lawyer to accept charges against him?

Majid Khakwani May 17, 2017 06:40pm

They should protect players not make fun of them. Khalid Latif was capitain of U19 team in 2004 world cup, this is how you treat your heroes. He has not played PSL match but PCB is trying to proof match fixing. Is it fair? reasonable time to inform ACU is only tool ACU and PCB is using to play around while they had informed them. God knows better what is inside so let Tribunal to complete their findings and give report before anyone accuse any player as guilty, we all had waited so long anyways. Also Why Nawaz is being punished now after how many months and then, any ways two months and 200K , i can see PCB at least took pity on new poor player.But why to publicize it? I will say bad handling with 200K PCB will become rich and two months so that he should not play from Pakistan in Champions Trophy.

J. Gamble May 17, 2017 07:07pm

He should let go with a warning.

Marcus May 17, 2017 07:24pm

I agree with the PCB stance with making full enquiries into any potential scams or spot fixing and suspension should stay in place until otherwise. However, this should also apply to members of the board, for example Sethi......or is it the case one set of rules for players and another for the commander in chief of Pakistan cricket? We all know Sethi past espcially his involvement with the secret intelligent service of Pakistan.

J. Gamble May 17, 2017 07:51pm

@Marcus -It is because of Sethi and Sharayer Khan that Pakistan cricket has suffered so much.

Saeeds May 17, 2017 09:21pm

I don't know why it is so difficult to find out truth about this case. If board have evidence bring it forward and let the court decide theses are valid or not.

babar-i-azam May 18, 2017 07:18pm

@Shuja - How can you second guess whom you're meeting. Sports players are humans too, whom need interaction with others. If its a casual meeting, without anything nefarious being discussed/agreed by the individual - there should be no fuss...

After all, Nawaz Sharif was caught with his hands well in the cookie jar via Panama Leaks - with no accountability. Why then, should we pursue the morality of a whole nation, on the back's of sporting personnel only!

Shazad May 19, 2017 06:49am

Pakistan cricket politics stink. Pakistan has chief selector (Inzi) and coaches (Mushtaq Ahmed, Azhar Mahmood) who were suspect of fixing matches, and was told by Judge Qayum in his report to get barred from holding any PCB position, but they are part of team. Pakistan has Chairman (Najam Sethi) who is suspect of election-fixing, but holds highest post in PCB.

Forget suspect players, few players convicted of match fixing (Amir and Shoaib) are playing in team. But, those PCB do not like, they are banned from cricket on ground that they are suspect (though no judge report is there against them like Inzi, Azhar, Mushtaq, etc).