ISLAMABAD: The Pakistan Alliance for Maths and Science, an alliance of 45 NGOs and corporations, on Friday released the third volume of its report titled ‘Powering Pakistan for the 21st Century’.

The third volume is titled ‘A Roadmap for Transforming Maths and Science Education’.

The report says the science and maths taught in Pakistani schools, particularly in public schools, is not up to the standards which poses a significant challenge to the economic growth of the country.

It suggests the government formulate a math and science specific policy and appoint a scientist with the status equal to that of a federal minister for the improvement of science and maths.

It also emphasises on the formation of an advisory board and the establishment of a science fund. The report suggests the establishment public libraries and science centres. It said there is a need to increase the time that a student spends in science labs in school.

Alif Ailan’s Salman Naveed Khan told Dawn that the alliance took input from over 30 education experts for compiling the report.

He said the report was also published by the prime minister who also directed the all chief ministers and the Azad Jammu and Kashmir prime minister to focus on improving the standard of the science and maths taught in schools.

Published in Dawn, March 11th, 2017