Trump’s victory

November 11, 2016


WITH reference to the results of the US presidential elections and elections to Congress: one cheer for democracy, two cheers — or, rather two jeers — for racism, sexism, bigotry and falsehoods.

Though Pakistani voters have a tendency to often re-elect corrupt leaders, they have demonstrated far greater maturity and universality of vision and values than the majority of US voters this year. More than ever, I am truly proud to be a Pakistani.

One hopes this bizarre win helps transform Donald Trump from what he was, and still is, to what he should be as the leader of a major state with due — and undue — influence on other states.

May this planet and its people survive the threat to cancel climate change agreements and may we all be protected from the adverse fall-out of ignorance, intemperance and bias.

Senator (r) Javed Jabbar


Published in Dawn, November 11th, 2016