Literacy and women

22 Oct 2016


THE literacy rate is one of the most important indicators of a country’s progress and development. The latest Pakistan Social and Living Standards Measurement (PSLM) survey states that the literacy rate for males in 2015 was 70 per cent and 49 per cent for females, a gap of 21 pc.

Education is a vital component of human development and the basic right of every citizen. Pakistan has committed to the promotion of education, increasing the literacy rate, enhancing the capacity-building of teachers besides upgrading and improving facilities in education institutions.

The 11th five year plan (2013-2018) is aimed at enhancing the management and administrative capacities in education sector at all levels.

As a student of one of the largest and –once—prestigious public sector universities of Pakistan, Karachi University, I have two questions. One, despite the increase in expenditure on education why are education standards plummeting, and two; why has the state failed to increase the number of education institutions in the public sector despite the 3.1 population growth rate?

Ramsha Asif


Published in Dawn October 22nd, 2016