SAHIWAL: Two Philosophy textbooks for intermediate (Ist and 2nd years) -- Origin of Philosophy and Logic -- have gone short in the market as the Punjab Textbook Board (PTB) did not place order for their printing to any authorised publisher for last two years.

It is learnt more than 300 intermediate and graduation level students of public educational institution don’t have philosophy course book in local market.

PTB has the authority to get recommended textbooks published for all subjects in Punjab.

Rao Hasan, a first year student at the Government Post Graduate College told Dawn that he could not find philosophy books in the market as these were short.

Some local as well as Urdu Bazar (Lahore) textbooks sellers also confirmed that the philosophy intermediate books were not available in the market.

PTB ‘fails’ to place reprinting order, denies shortage

“The books are not being published for last two years”, a local book seller said.

He said it was the sole responsibility of PTB to conduct market survey and access if there was shortage of any textbook and then placed order for its reprinting to some authorised publisher.

Prof Dr Javed Iqbal Nadeem, the author of both books, said the PTB was also responsible for provision of manuscripts and paper for reprinting the required textbooks.

Hameed, a First-year student said for the last 30 days he and his classmates had been going from shop to shop but could not find the philosophy books as these were short in the market.

Dr Nadeem said he had written to PTB secretary, pointing out the shortage of these books and asking him to order their reprinting but nothing had been done for the last two years.

He said according to PTB rule, minimum 1500 textbooks of a subject should be printed every year, adding that shortage of intermediate philosophy books would further discourage students to opt the subject that had already been out of trend for the past three decades.

  When contacted for his stance on the issue, PTB Deputy Secretary (Field) Mr Noor denied there was any shortage of the intermediate philosophy textbooks in the market.

Published in Dawn, September 29th, 2016