Back with a bangle

14 Aug 2016


Delicate, shimmering glass bangles in your favourite hue or multicoloured, worn as prefabricated sets or customised to your personal specs, women all ages and sizes simply love to wear bangles. While married women prefer gold bangles, which symbolise marriage or affluence, there are many married and unmarried women who would not consider themselves dressed up for any occasion unless they wear armfuls of glass bangles to match their outfit. Trends come and go and bangles get replaced with bracelets but this summer, bangles are back. Though glass bangles have always ruled the realm, women as well as young girls are seen wearing gota karas, metal bangles and the latest, velvet-coated bangles. Here’s what’s new in bangle fashion at the moment:

Steel bangles

Though steel bangles aren’t amongst the top three choices for the women presently, they are still very much in demand by a niche market. Many like to wear elaborate steel bangles to ceremonies, events and even at home, which is why these bangles are now available as one complete set. You can find steel bangles in silver, golden, bronze, etc. and you can choose from an array of designs.

Velvet bangles

Manufactured in Multan and selling like hotcakes across the country, the stylish and glittery velvet bangles are perfect to match with any outfit as they come in brilliant hues. You wouldn’t need to add any shiny karrhas or golden bangles in between as these are already quite blingy. Besides, the glitter doesn’t rub off on one’s hands. The best feature about velvet bangles is that they are unbreakable! These will jingle softly, but won’t break if you drop them. Grab the brand-new velvet bangles now as these are a must-have for any upcoming celebrations!

Jingle jangle your way to being trendy this season

Pakistani bridal bangles

Gone are the days when brides wore shimmering glass bangles. The stone embellished bangles are also in fashion for the brides-to-be. If you notice, thin metal bangles have replaced the delicate glass bangles in between the karrhas, and they certainly enhance the prettiness of red and green karrhas. Such sets are available in different colours or two basic colours in each set to match your dress.

Italian and Turkish bangles

The Italian and Turkish bangle sets are ideal for brides and bridesmaids of 2016. The golden base make these bangles glisten, while the carefully embellished colourful stones exude vibrancy. When worn by the brides, these Italian and Turkish joys perfectly complement their henna designs, bright clothes and the festive occasion itself.

Gota karrha

Flashy, multi-coloured gota bangles are catching every girl’s eyes nowadays. Slightly thick, a pair in each hand would be enough to make anyone’s wrists look pretty. You can match gota karas with any dress and wear them anywhere — office, parties, weddings and even when going shopping. If you take good care of them, gota karrhas will last a long time. These don’t jingle jangle as they are made out of cloth and gota.

Zircon-studded bangles

Zircon-studded bangles are very popular these days, as more and more women choose to wear these at informal and formal occasions instead of gold bangles. They look very elegant when coupled with solid designs and dark coloured dresses. The plus point is: zircon bangles will not discolour or blacken, even when they are soaked in water.

Published in Dawn, Sunday Magazine, August 14th, 2016