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BADIN: Local police booked and arrested five members of an Ahmadi family in Badin over charges of allegedly planning an act of terrorism, it has been learnt.

SSP Badin Abdul Qayum Pitafi, while talking to Dawn on Thursday, claimed that an ugly terror bid was foiled when a bomb pre-maturely exploded inside a house in Qaidabad locality of Badin city late Wednesday night.

Following the blast, police raided the house and recovered explosives and also arrested five family members.

Pitafi said that a young boy was injured in explosions and received burn wounds. Police has reportedly shifted the boy to an undisclosed location for interrogation where he is also being treated for his wounds.

“It is a serious matter that a bomb was recovered from the district and the matter is being thoroughly investigated," Pitafi added.

Meanwhile, an uncle of the boy, while talking to Dawn refuted the claims made by police and said his nephew got injured “when some unidentified persons threw an explosive device on the roof where he was sitting”.

The victim’s uncle alleged that Badin police, instead of shifting the seriously injured boy to hospital for treatment, have kept him others on an undisclosed location.

"We informed the police soon after the incident, but they took away the injured boy and also arrested four other family members including the boy’s father from Islamkot town of Thar."

"We are Ahmadis, therefore we are being implicated in this false case which is part of a deep-rooted conspiracy. We feel very insecure here," claimed the boy’s uncle.

He said this is not the first time that their family was being targeted and that they have faced such hardships before as well.

SHO Model Police Station Badin Mohammad Ibrahim Jatoi informed Dawn that an FIR has been registered against the suspects under Section 6/7 of the ATA and Explosives Act and investigations are underway.

"The matter is so serious and complicated therefore we are investigating it from different angles as some elements of the banned organisations are likely to be involved in this act."

Jatoi, however, rejected the claims of injured boy’s uncle and said that during the raids police recovered the explosive device, a detonator and other suspicious devices from the house.

"We have ample proof against them and the culprits would be dealt according to the law.”

Comments (25) Closed

Mujtaba Jun 30, 2016 09:27pm

If someone belongs to some minority group or any group, it doesn't mean that he/she is above law. Let the court decide who is innocent and who is not.

AXH Jun 30, 2016 09:32pm

Based on the history, I believe that Ahmadis are very peaceful people and therefore, I have serious doubts regarding whatever the police is stating.

Sar Zameen Jun 30, 2016 10:25pm

This is sheer injustice and pack of lies. It is unthinkable that Ahmadi family members would be involved in terror planning. This is so ridiculous.

anony Jun 30, 2016 10:35pm

@Mujtaba Agreed.

Tahir Chaudhry Jun 30, 2016 10:38pm

Unbelievable! There has been no case ever reported against Ahamadie's to indulge in anti state activities. They are fighting a battle of survival please leave them alone.

A Jun 30, 2016 10:39pm

Sorry state of affairs.

Shahid Jun 30, 2016 10:42pm

lets hope its a conspiracy. Awaiting official statement of Ahmadiyya community.

S? Jun 30, 2016 10:45pm

Culprits have to face the consequence . Congrats to our police who caught them right in time ...

AXH Jun 30, 2016 10:49pm

I am a PTI supporter but I have to say that it disappoints me that when minorities are targeted, I do not hear as much from the PTI leadership as I expect. If you claim to build a new Pakistan then minorities should be included as one of the most important pillars of that entity and protected at all cost.

Umar Khan Jun 30, 2016 11:04pm

Reminds me of an incident in 1985 when my father was attacked by mullas with sticks within the court premises immediately after a blasphemy court hearing. They had brought ahmadiyya pamphlets with them and maliciously threw them inside the car during the attack and as soon as the police arrived, my father was accused of preaching ahmadiyat (which is a crime!); the police conveniently "recovered" the objectionable material from the car and registered an FIR against my father. He was also accused of attacking the mullas when "they tried to stop him from preaching"! He was promptly arrested and placed under arrest whilst he recovered over the coming days in the hospital. The irony: he was a retired major who loved his country and had fought for his country.

Justwasif Jun 30, 2016 11:20pm

Its a simple and open pre planned case like other caseses against peaceful but most vulnerable mminority in Pakistan.

Patriotic Jun 30, 2016 11:46pm

we can't leave them if they are minority, just think if this news was against any banned outfit then our thinking would be different. no one is above the law if they have done something suspicious then they should be dealt strongly. and by the way who told that ahmedis are peaceful ?? why they don't clearly state in work places where they worked that they are not muslims why they silent every time they got in a position to declare who they are???

Kakaamerici Jun 30, 2016 11:53pm

What, Ahmedis terrorists? Please.

Qasim Jul 01, 2016 12:10am

New lowest of honesty by adminitration...... If there was any honesty at all.

Kamal Pasha Jul 01, 2016 12:49am

This arrests of Ahmedis be throughly investigated to make sure that innocents are not wrongly charged.

Mohammed Sattar Jul 01, 2016 01:03am

Unfortunately our police are so corrupt and incompetent that no one believes a word they say anymore. More then likely they have arrested innocent people.

Nisar Ahmad Jul 01, 2016 01:20am

Since thay are Ahmadis, they are not terrorist. Look at the logic of some people.

Tamil Guru Jul 01, 2016 01:24am

This accusation is akin to kicking someone when they are already down.

PARVEZ PC CHOWDHURY Jul 01, 2016 01:47am

There is no single incident so far that any Ahmedi is involve in any violance ever..

ejaz Jul 01, 2016 01:51am

By mentioning the sect, law and order agency has risk the lives of many others. These people already lived under fear, this will put them in further danger.

Ayub Jul 01, 2016 03:07am

The matter needs to be thoroughly and fairly investigated. No one is above the law.

Amir Khawaja Jul 01, 2016 04:06am

Ahmedis are peaceful people and have been victim of extremists. Police as usual incompetent.

Najam Jul 01, 2016 05:29am

I seriously doubt member from Ahmadiya community is involved.

What is surprising is that it is happening in Badin, Sindh.

Sindhis and Baloach are most tolerant of all Pakistanis and unfortunately they too have succumb to religious bigotry.

Let's hope and pray that justice will be served.

Hameed Jul 01, 2016 06:01am

"during the raids police recovered the explosive device, a detonator"

Of course they recovered it. The bomb was thrown in that's why the family called the police. Bombs don't evaporate after explosion.

smeer malik Jul 02, 2016 12:58am

ahmdi comunity is a very peaceful comunity i realy shocked for all this meter